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Header bidding is an advanced programmatic advertising technique that serves as an alternative to the “waterfall” method. It offers publishers a way to simultaneously offer ad space to numerous SSPs or Ad Exchanges at once.


  • More demand sources:
    Header bidding opens up a wider supply of buyers, many of whom may otherwise not be interested in picking scraps on the tail end of the auction.
  • Greater fill rate and revenue:
    Greater number of advertisers participate in the auction automatically increases the chance of getting a better fill rate. Each impression is auctioned optimally.
  • Transparency:
    As the inventory is sold on a per-impression basis in header bidding, publishers can keep track of the ad transactions data for each impression.
  • Better management:
    With header bidding wrapper, it becomes easy to manage and organize the auction.A wrapper is essentially used to organize multiple demand partners and set the rules for running the auction.
  • Process at
    Once the account manager reviews multiple partners performance on the publishers site, he/she might suggest header bidding integration with the publisher. Once approved the account manager will share a tag within 24-48 hrs to be hard coded on the publishers website.


Web push notifications are clickable messages sent to a browser on your device. These notifications can only be sent to users who have subscribed for these notifications. As these notifications are pushed by browser, subscribers don’t have to be present on your website to receive these notifications. Users can subscribe and receive these notifications on mobile, desktop and tablet.


  • Build a marketing list for mobile and desktop:
    It helps you convert your web traffic into subscribers. You can build a notification subscriber base at a rocket speed as compared to Email.
  • Driving repeat traffic:
    As web push notifications are delivered directly to the device, they attract a higher response rate. Web push notification is now one of the highest contributors under the repeat traffic tab – higher than email or social.
  • Process at
    You can raise a request to your account manger. Once the request is received the account manager will share a JS tag that need to be implemented on the publisher site within 24hrs of the request raised.

3.Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a simple and robust format to ensure your website is fast, user-first, and makes money.


  • Increased speed:
    AMPs have a major speed advantage over traditional mobile pages. Visitors are more likely to engage with content and make purchases on pages when they know the process will be quick and hassle free.
  • Increased visibility:
    AMPs are eligible to be displayed in Google’s “Top Stories” carousel, which sits at or near the top of search results pages, depending on the keyword search. While Google’s carousel mostly features news articles, if you create an AMP on a frequently searched or hot topic, your content can potentially “skip the line” and jump all the way to page one of Google search.
  • Increased visitor engagement:
    Visitors are more likely to engage with the content on AMPs compared to traditional mobile pages. The minimalist design of AMPs makes it easier for visitors to navigate through the content on your page. Visitors will be more likely to leave comments, watch embedded videos and follow links when they aren’t distracted by the clutter typically found on non-AMP pages.

4.IBC (In-Banner Content):

In-Banner Content (IBC) tags intelligently inserts ads on a webpage based on the density of content on a page and only on viewable areas of page.


  • Adds incremental revenue as a spot will only be created when the user is active on the page.
  • Detects container size and displays ads which will not disrupt the format of the page or overlapping content.
  • High viewability which results in high CPMs.
  • More than one ad can be inserted based on the density of the content.
  • Measures the user engagement time on the page and auto refreshes the ad only if the user is active on viewport which contains the ad.
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